Design & Branding

We specialize in designing logos. We undertake the strategic design of the visual identity of your business. Essentially we give quality visual characteristics to your idea / business / project. We design what your website or e-shop will look like based on your audience and needs. We design promotional publications, packages, posters, magazines and books.

Corporate id

Corporate identity is the set of perceptions, culture and corporate behavior that defines your business/company. Corporate identity is visually reflected in product design and graphic design (such as logo, corporate colors, corporate forms) and often describes the business strategy.


A well-designed logo combines typography and graphic design elements in such a way that perfectly expresses the style, philosophy, vision, values and targets of the company/organisation that it represents as well as attracting the target audience.

Web design

Do you have an old-fashioned website? Contact the IkarianMEDIA team for a free check. We design your new website from scratch, we create visual material for the enrichment of your existing website, banners or whatever your social media profiles need.


We handle any project that includes the creation and editing of printed material. We design promotional material, product labels and packaging and store signs. We create and edit magazines and handle the printing of books and photo books.

let’s design for you!