Are you planning to shoot in Ikaria?

Are you planning to shoot in Ikaria?

IkarianMEDIA is your one-stop solution for video production services on the island.

The film office of Ikaria

We are your eyes and ears on the ground before you arrive, your Ikarian production office, your airport and ferry pick-up, your local producer, your safety advisor, your translator and your guide.

Our team can manage your production from A to Z, take care of the research, coordination, logistics, crew, equipment and post-production.

IkarianMEDIA has local knowledge and extensive experience servicing foreign crews from all around the world shooting in Ikaria. Besides, having worked outside Greece we have an international perspective.

We work with trusted professionals from all over Ikaria to provide the best possible service.
We speak 3 languages : Greek, English and Spanish.

Try us! You Ask, We Fix! 🚀

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Babis Papapostolou

Babis Papapostolou


Fixer on-location services

Production management

As your fixer in Ikaria we offer complete production management packages. We can either work collaboratively alongside your team or handle everything for you. Our local knowledge will prove incredibly valuable to you as you plan your production in Ikaria.

Permits & Paperwork

A crucial job for any film fixer in Greece is to acquire all the necessary film permits & permissions. We arrange all the necessary local permits and permissions for your shoot in Ikaria.


We scout locations throughout Ikaria. The island of Icarus has an amazing range of locations available. There are few places on Earth where you can shoot spectacular unspoiled mountains, forests, semidesert high plateaus, rivers, watefalls, beaches and archaeological sites in one island but Ikaria has it all and with the weather and light to get the most from them.

Travel, Accommodation, & Catering

The quality of the travel and accommodation arrangements for your shoot in Ikaria will have a large impact on both the budget and success of the whole project. We find you the best deals possible at suitable hotels and make sure that your transport is reliable. In addition, our production catering is some of the best food you may find in Ikaria!

Crew & equipment

We employ highly experienced, well presented, English-speaking crew with a professional attitude. Also, we own up-to-date and well maintained equipment, ready for use.


We connect you with the locals you are looking for. Whether you wish to interview centenarians, organic farmers, artists or expats, we can help you arrange the meetings.

Video Content services

Video production

We tailor-make video to your objectives. From concept to video shoot and post-production, we'll handle everything. Lights, camera, action!

Aerial 4K stock footage

If you just need drone establishing shots of Ikaria island, you may take a look at the video gallery of our Facebook page.

Selected ground/aerial footage

If you don’t have the time or budget available to travel to Ikaria send us a brief and we will shoot the exact footage you need. If you wish a completely edited package, we can edit the recorded footage and provide the deliverables in the format you need.